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Live Classes

Let’s Connect and Move

Join me for Daily Live Online Workout Classes

During this time of social isolation and dis-ease, it is so important to move our bodies and connect with other like-minded people. It’s coded into our DNA. No wonder we are all going a bit stir crazy!

We Need to Move

Movement is essential to release the tension, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and fear energy building up in our bodies. If we don’t, the stress will lower our immunity and cause much dis-ease. 

I know there are lots of options for working out while staying at home, but how many of them also let you to connect with others at the same time?

With our current situation, I am committed to creating a safe, supportive space for us to move our bodies, release the tension, increase our felt sense of joy and connect with each other.

Come Move With Us

I teach different classes daily. Just pick your favorite and come join me. My schedule is:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

The Original Barre

12:00pm EST

Stretch & Sculpt Class at 12:00pm EST

The Original Barre

12:00pm EST

Stretch & Sculpt Class at 12:00pm EST

the Original Barre

12:00pm EST   


Gentle Somatic Yoga 11:00am EST

(this is a 90 minute class to give you time 

to really relax and luxuriate in the felt sense 

of release and joy) 

  Gentle Somatic Yoga at 6 pm EST   Gentle Somatic Yoga at 6:00pm EST    


Stretch and Sculpt classes are a great fusion of the best of T-Tapp, stretching, pilates, barre. These classes are a great way to start your day, get the blood flowing, muscles activated, brain focused, and emotions balanced. 

Gentle Somatic Stretch  is incredibly helpful at grounding us, helping us to relax and release our tensions and fears. After all, we can’t relax enough right now and it’s more fun to do it together!

That’s 8 Classes a Week!

I have made these classes affordable because I really want you to come workout and connect with us. There are 3 options for live classes.

I really hope to see you in class this week.

If live classes aren’t convenient for you, please check out my class platform for all my Digital Class packages.

How to Join a Class

Joining the classes are super easy. 

Once you register for your class(s), you’ll receive an email with the Zoom app link for the classes. I use the Zoom ap because it’s super easy to join and to participate. It let’s you see me but also I can see you! 

Prefer to not be seen? I understand. You don’t have to have your camera on. You will still be able to see me and follow along with the class.

One of the best parts of being in a live class is the connection and discussion we have after class. I can give individual form tips and we can just connect and share what is going on with us.

The connections we’ve made from attending these live classes sustain me. I really feel like I have a fantastic, supportive family of women who I love seeing each day. 

We are all ready to welcome you into our family! I can’t wait to move and connect with you! 

Sending you much love, light, movement and connection,