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  • I have had a variety of Renee’s packages, and they gave ALL been fabulous🎉 I have done walking classes, stretch classes, 15,30 and one hour classes. The recorded packages work best for me because I can use them when I travel. And bless her soul, Renee will often throw on a few extras, just because!!!
    Pat Petersen
  • I met Renee' in 2013 when my doctor suggested I seek her help to rehabilitate a shoulder injury I had sustained the previous year. She was the first healthcare professional since my injury to believe in my recovery. My work with her accelerated my recovery tremendously, and the fringe benefit was that I also reshaped my body! I even won my category in T-Tapp's 60-Day Challenge contest in 2014. Renee' is always looking for ways to incorporate the latest fitness science into her work and is one of the most giving and loving people I know. Whether it is T-Tapp or Stretch and Sculpt, I can confidently rely on Renee' to bring me the best training in the industry. I am most grateful to have found her!
    Judy Henry
  • I have had Teresa Tapp's DVDs for a couple of years, I love her work outs, however, I had a difficult time keeping up with her, until I discovered Renee's T-Tapp approach. I love the walking work outs. I recently obtained the Ladybug work out, and of course had a difficult time getting through it. then by coincidence, Renee started a Ladybug challenge on her facebook page, I incorporate the two and am having success! I love Renee's spunkiness, transparency and compassion! I feel the walking workouts are the best, but am discovering the stretching classes to be most beneficial! love you Renee!
    Tammy Harris
  • I stopped working out or doing any type of activity years ago after an auto-accident and what a mistake. Two years ago I started having horrible Sciatica pain and sought Chiropractic services. It helped relieve the pain, but it kept coming back. I do not have any physical back problems according to an MRI. It is all due to a lack of inactivity and a sedentary life. I started moving again with Renee attending her Sculpting & Stretching sessions 2 months ago and now I am pain free! Renee has an unbelievable connection with her clients and knows exactly what you need when you explain your symptoms to her. Did I mention the inch loss you get with the Sculpting & Stretching? I have lost 6 inches and 11 lbs. Renee has a talent for instruction like no other. You will be very pleased with your results and how quickly you see your body change.
    Julie F.
  • Doing the variety of moving and stretching with Renee jump started inch loss for me. I'm getting more energy and tone, while also losing some weight. This has been important in not getting discouraged and giving up. I like the options of sculpting and then doing floor to keep going. The combination has been a winner for me.
    Greta Hartman
  • I've taken classes both in-person and via video with Renee for many years. She is a wise, sensitive and knowledgeable trainer who meets you where you are physically and encourages (rather than pushes) you to do the best you can. She sees what you're doing right or wrong in your movements (yes, even on a video link!) and helps you make the little tweaks that make a big difference. Her analysis and descriptions of movements are very clear and detailed. Best of all, Renee's a delight to be with, communicating her joy in her work with a cheerful voice and a smile. Time spent with Renee in her classes is time well-spent.
    Susan Ford
  • I have been working out with Renee consistently for the last 6 months. Renee has a gift for making a class feel like a one on one, even though I participate in the recorded classes. Her coaching has helped me drop a dress size to fit into a snug Mother of the Bride dress! She truly is a T-Tapp Whisperer & a Fitness Mentor that delivers results!
    Leisa Hipsher
  • I love the classes with Renee. Because of the time difference, I can only do the recorded classes. It makes no difference, I still feel that she is talking to me! I love all of the classes (yes, even the ones that are my least favorite) because Renee is so thorough in her instructions and encouragement. My body is slowly changing and I feel so much stronger and younger. I carry myself in an entirely different way and so much taller too! LOL. Yes, go ahead.. call me an addict.. a really healthy, sculpted, stretched and relaxed addict!
    Patricia Buffandeau
  • I have been T-Tapping for over six years. For the past three years, I have been learning from Renee during her live and recorded classes. I have become addicted to Renee’s stretching and activation teaching style. I am so much more flexible, and my balance is greatly improving. Since I am in my 60’s, these two things are greatly important to me. I feel that I am aging backwards and able to keep up with my two young grandsons because of attending Renee’s classes. I feel that participating in Renee’s unique on-line classes is one of the very best things I do for myself. I also enjoy the walking classes for an aerobic full-body workout. Renee’s on-line class packages are my perfect answer for getting the right balance of full-body movement, balance work, and muscle activation. I’m so grateful for Renee and totally hooked on her classes!! Thank you, Renee!!
    Cindy Bauer
  • Renee's classes are truly one-of-a kind. The knowledge and expertise she brings to each class makes them above and beyond what's expected. I have experienced a variety of health benefits including stress relief, inch loss, improved quality of sleep, along with my muscles being in a more relaxed state. No need to go to the gym. It's a wonderful privilege to be able to get amazing training right in your own home!
  • Renee, I will be forever grateful that you were willing to take the time to help me understand what was happening to my body. I had reached the point, due to adrenal fatigue, that a good nights sleep was a distant memory and the simple act of walking left me feeling exhausted. Discouraged does not even begin to describe how I was feeling. You helped me realize that stretching was my best friend and that other workouts you offer would come in time. I purchased your stretching packing allowing me to choose anywhere from 20 - 60 minutes knowing that if all I could do was 10 minutes it would begin my healing. Just after one stretching class I slept like a baby, already feel stronger and have more energy. I have come to realize that this is not something that I do...if I have time. I have come to the realization that this is as important as brushing my teeth.
    Terrie Ferguson

“I went from a size 16 to a 12 in three weeks without dieting … at 55 years old.  I didn’t think it could be done.  Knowing more about how my body-type handles carbohydrates allows me to make better choices.  Thank you Renee!”

Donna M – Atlanta

“Hi Renee.  I wanted to give you an update.  I have lost about 12-15 lbs since I last saw you in February (I think?).  I have eliminated dairy and bread, rice, sugar, etc from my diet.  I feel so much better and I don’t need to worry about counting calories, points, etc.  You encouraged me to follow your plan and the weight would come off.  You were right!  I feel great.  I still have some issues with IBS, but am much improved.  I have also stopped eating after 7:30 pm, which has helped a lot. I’m so grateful.”

Nancy W, Roswell

“I came to Renee in January 2005.  I was desperate to find the combination that would allow me to finally lose the excess weight I had accumulated.  I was walking 5 miles a day and still not losing anything and I didn’t know where to turn. Renee helped me understand that my personal body type was unable to properly utilize refined carbs and showed me how to balance my foods in order to get the best “fuel mix” for me.  The first 4 days were awful.  I really had a tough sugar detox.  But by the 5th day, I started to feel great. Renee then added T-Tapp to my routine.  I design and create bridal gowns and am very aware of the importance of taking measurements.  So I decided that, instead of letting the scale dictate my results, I would use my measurements to see what was really going on.  WHAT AN EYE-OPENING EXPERIENCE!!! I started to lose an amazing number of inches! Yes, I lost weight.  But if I hadn’t taken my measurements, I probably would have been discouraged by the loss on the scale and given up just as I’d done numerous times before.  But seeing the inches reduce so quickly was the impetus for staying the course. I didn’t just lose inches, I also felt so much better.  My energy level soared and my moods really evened out.   Renee worked with me on so much more than just my weight.  She showed me how to use my subconscious mind to reprogram negative thought patterns into self-affirming thoughts that translated into positive results. When I retook my measurements in August, I’d lost 32 pounds.  Yes that’s terrific, but guess what?  I’d lost 86.5 inches!!! I’ve since continued to tighten and tone with T-Tapp.  Recently I went to the 3 day T-Tapp Retreat with Teresa Tapp and lost another 7 1/4 inches!!! What can I say but thanks, Renee.  I hope my story will inspire others to step out and call you.  If I can do it, anyone can.”

Ursula A, Marietta, G