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T-Tapp FAQ’s

Does T-Tapp really work?

Absolutely! And T-Tapp works faster than other fitness programs. ts combination focus on strength, flexibility, lymphatic function, and core strength makes it the most effective workout available today. Click here to see testimonials of people who have had great success with T-Tapp.

How long does the workout take?

In the beginning, you will need to invest more time to learn the T-Tapp form. After this initial learning and “bootcamp” period, you will work out every other day.

Once you achieve your goals, all it takes is 2-3 workouts per week to maintain your results.

What is a bootcamp?

A T-Tapp bootcamp is a period of 4 to 14 days during which you complete a full body workout once every day. Bootcamps are not required for success, but they can provide a jump-start.

How much weight will I lose?

T-Tapp’s use of linear alignment with comprehensive compound isometric
muscle movement and lymphatic stimulation results in rapid inch loss, because it builds core muscle density and tightens the internal muscle girdle.

Muscle is denser than fat and takes up less room; therefore, actual weight loss will vary. TTappers prefer to focus on inch loss and clothing size changes rather than weight loss, as it is healthy to have a strong body and core.

Can men and kids do T-Tapp?

T-Tapp is safe for all ages and all fitness levels regardless of gender. I like to say T-Tapp is good for anyone with a body!

What is the difference between T-Tapp & other programs?

T-Tapp is similar to Yoga in that it builds flexibility, like pilates in it’s approach to building core strength.  It is reminiscent of martial arts in that it has specific sequence and form. It is like dance in that it builds long,lean muscles. Yet it is it’s own form.

How soon will I see results?

Many people begin seeing inch loss within days. In addition, you will feel the T-Tapp difference immediately. You will stand taller; the functioning of your body systems will improve; you may even notice your clothes fitting different even though you find no measurable inch loss.

What is T-Tapp based on?

T-Tapp is a rehabilitative approach to fitness. It is a unique combination of
strength training, cardio, flexibility, core training and lymphatic pumping. As you do the moves, you may be reminded of elements of physical therapy, martial arts, dance, yoga, and Pilates.

How often do you need to do the workout?

T-Tapp works like a reward system … in the beginning you are working hard to regain strength and to rebuild primary body systems (i.e.: lymphatic system, neuro-kinetic flow, glucose utilization rate, spinal alignment and metabolic rate) but as you get stronger you will be able to maintain correct form easier and you will get even more out of the workout, therefore you don’t have to do it as often.

T-Tapp does much more than just burn calories and fat. Ultimately, you will be able to maintain your goal with only two workouts a week. Then, when you indulge during vacation or during holiday season, just add a third workout during the week or do a “weekend bootcamp” (2 workouts per day, 2 days in a row).

I have a bad back/knees. Can I still do the workout?

Yes, You Can! T-Tapp physical therapy, rehabilitative approach to fitness will
help to rehabilitate bad knees and backs. In fact, some of T-Tapp’s signature
moves were developed to help Teresa deal with her own back pain.

Can I do the workout if I have fibromyalgia, diabetes or other health issues?

Yes, You Can! The T-Tapp MORE Rehabilitative program was created for
people with MORE to lose, MORE health concerns or MORE birthday candles on the cake. The T-Tapp MORE Rehabilitative program contains detailed
instructions of how to help the body help itself in daily activities like walking
upstairs without pain. Chronic pain management and prevention of pain
becomes more important for people of size T-Tapp MORE contains everything you need for optimal health and fitness.

Does T-Tapp help with hormonal imbalances?

You bet! Movement of the body is essential to hormonal balance. Female TTappers report reduced problems with their monthly cycles and diabetics have been able to much better control their insulin levels by adding T-Tapp to their lives.

Is T-Tapp aerobic?

T-Tapp is definitely aerobic, but totally non-impact. It is T-Tapp’s combination of linear alignment, isometrics, and lymphatic full fiber pumping that increases CO2 output. It gets the heart rate up even without hands above the head, so it is safe for even those with heart disease who are usually told not to exercise.

How do you get into "Fat Burning" mode so quickly?

T-Tapp works multiple muscles at a time. That, combined with linear alignment and isometric contraction, ensures speedy expensing of glucose, allowing the body to get into fat burning mode faster.

I lift weights. Can I weight train and T-Tapp at the same time?

If you enjoy other workouts, you can apply T-Tapp principles to them and
enjoy. As you begin T-Tapp, however, it is recommended that you focus on TTapp alone for several weeks so that you can experience the rapid and unique changes it will bring.

How can you build muscle and prevent osteoporosis without lifting weights?

T-Tapp’s use of comprehensive compound muscle movement ensures the use of both muscle attachment ends. Each time a muscle pulls against the ligaments and bones, it stimulates bone growth. Berei, a 76 year old T-Tapper in Florida rebuilt bone density in both her shoulder and hips.

Is T-Tapp a full body workout?

Yes, the T-Tapp workout works the body comprehensively from head to toe.

There are so many different videos, where do I start?

Depending on your goals and current fitness level, there are a few different ways to get started with T-Tapp. The most common packages to start with are the Total Workout, Basic Workout Plus, and T-Tapp MORE.

To help you get started, I created recorded clinic designed to get you up and T-Tapping like an experienced Tapper.

Check out my T-Tapp Method 101 Clinic. 

In this Form Tips Clinic, you’ll find a video for each move in our Basic Workout detailed slowly and with modifications depending on different joint issues.   This is a great way to learn.

I also have T-Tapp Class packages that give you lots of workouts to do at home.  You can check out all my T-Tapp class packages here!

If you’re not sure about which DVD is right for you, Contact Me at 678-522-
8056. I’ll be happy to customize a package for you!

I want to lose in my tummy / butt etc. Will the workout target those areas?

All of the T-Tapp workouts target those areas. You will be taught specific
techniques to trim the body from head to toe.

Does this replace my other workouts or can I do T-Tapp in conjunction with them?

T-Tapp is all you need. So yes, it can replace your other workouts. If you enjoy other workouts, you can apply T-Tapp principles to them and continue to enjoy. As you begin T-Tapp, however, it is recommended that you focus on T-Tapp alone for several weeks so that you can experience the rapid and unique changes it will bring.