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Ready for Some Inspiration?

Listen to these short interviews with T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge Winners as they Share their Experiences, Tips and …inspiration so YOU too can be your own Success Story!


Judy H – Won in the 2014 Less to Lose – over 50 category!

Judy found T-Tapp through a recommendation by her Chiropractor.  She was recovering from a very bad shoulder break.  Every other Professional told her she could only expect to get back 80% of her shoulder mobility.  When she came to my class, I told her I disagreed.  If she was consistent with T-Tapp, she could get complete mobility back in her shoulder.  She has! And decided to commit to doing the 2014 Challenge.  The results she got were transformational!

megaphone-clipart-png-megaphone-cutout-hiListen as Judy tell her story!





  • Believe you can.  Commit to doing what it takes to make it happen.  “I will until…”  Keep moving forward.
  • Use the incredible support that is available to you through the different T-Tapp communities.  It helps to under gird your belief.
  • Be consistent.  Whatever that is for you!
  • Lost 13.25 inches overall.  2.5 lost off waist and upper thighs.  She completed re-shaped her post-menopause body.
  • Posture got straight.  Got strong.  Muscles re-balanced.  Helped her gait (strengthened an old injury in foot and ankle).
  • Transformed body completely!

Anita N was a winner in the 2016 60 Day Challenge:  Average to Lose – Over 50 category

megaphone-clipart-png-megaphone-cutout-hiClick to listen to the interview with Anita!



NOTES: Here are a few of Anita’s tips for getting most out of her Challenge:

  • Focused on getting healthy – not losing weight or inches!
  • Threw away her scale and didn’t take measurements again until the end
  • Journaled her activity as a way of keeping herself on track – accountability
  • Got a workout partner

Anita’s Before and After:


anita banita a










Margaret B – was a runner up in 2014 and a winner in the 2015 Challenge: Less to lose – Under 50 category

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NOTES:  Check out Margaret’s tips for winning 2 Challenges in her category!  AND becoming a T-Tapp Trainer herself!

  • MUST prioritize your time and schedule your workouts (even if it’s just 5 – 10 minutes a day) into your day.
  • ME time is essential to your health!
  • Even though Margaret was a competitive swimmer growing up and loved doing intense workouts, she lost more inches and felt much better in her body doing T-Tapp!
  • Less really can be MORE!
  • Margaret lost 10.25 inches and barely did any complete workouts!


Carrie H – Won 2016 in Average to Lose + Health Benefits – Under 50 category

megaphone-clipart-png-megaphone-cutout-hiClick here to listen to Carrie’s interview!



NOTES: Loved Carrie’s take aways…

  • Focused on getting healthy first
  • LESS really is more!  Lost more during this Challenge doing the 15 minute workout than she lost doing the Total Workout (55 minutes) a few years ago!
  • Form matters
  • Preparation – journaled and decided each Sunday what to do during the week!
  • Not only did Carrie lose 25.25 inches…she completed rehabed her (post fall) shoulder!

Check out Carrie’s “before and after”…

carrie h before carrie h after










Brenda B – Won the 2014 Challenge in the Senior Fit (which is a workout) Category

Brenda has entered and completed 4 Challenges!

megaphone-clipart-png-megaphone-cutout-hiClick here to listen to Brenda’s tips!



NOTES: Brenda has been doing T-Tapp for 8 years!  When she is consistent with it, the results she gets are wonderful.

  • Consistency is KEY to great results
  • Variety is the spice of consistency.  Use the different workouts to keep your motivation up.
  • All the workouts work!
  • Challenges help focus yourself and target what you want to work on
  • Senior Fit works best when you are going through that peri and menopause time.  It helps with balancing hormones, increases energy level, provides deeper sleep and helps to melt away the excess fluff


Shannon W – Has won 3 different Challenges.  2016 she won in the less to lose + health benefits – over 50!

Shannon started doing T-Tapp at age 48 after just having her 8th baby she was in a size 12.  She is now 51 and is a size 2-4.  All of this she attributes to the power of T-Tapp!

megaphone-clipart-png-megaphone-cutout-hiListen to Shannon share her experience with T-Tapp!



NOTES:  Shannon has some awesome tips for you!

  • Slow everything way down and focus on form.
  • Less can be more when you focus on form and do “sneaky fit” moves during the day to constantly engage your lats (ribs up) and keep your alignment.  Did mitten hand fascia stretch, hoes downs…3 moves a day gave her the results that helped her win this 2016 Challenge.  The last 4 days she did Step Away the Inches and lost 2 inches in her thighs!
  • Consistency is KEY.  She has been consistent since she started and that has allowed her to go from a size 12 to a 2-4.
  • Got a workout buddy (her daughter – who is Margaret Barry)
  • Check out this great tip…”little bitty bites add up to a big meal”!!!!

Check out Shannon’s Before and after:

shannon b

shannon a










Jennifer B – Was a “runner up”  in 2014 in More to Lose and then won in the 2016 More to lose + Health Benies – under 50 category!

Jennifer lost 44.075 inches during this 2016  60 days!  She mostly does 15 minute workouts!

megaphone-clipart-png-megaphone-cutout-hiListen as Jennifer shares her “take aways” from the Challenge!



NOTES:  Love what Jennifer has to say  (a year of consistent, hard core gym workouts with a personal trainer didn’t give her any results so this is incredible)

  • Make your workout a priority and stay consistent
  • Less true can be MORE.  Jennifer lost all those inches doing a 15 minute workout
  • Did her workouts 5 -6 days a week and took a day a week off.  She stayed up until she got her 15 minutes in.  She committed and stuck to it
  • Stopped measuring.  Took pictures once a week!  That’s where she saw her results!

Look at Jennifers incredible before and afters:

jennifer b

jennifer a










Sherry C – Won the 2016 Challenge in the Average to lose + health benefits.

Sherry found out about T-Tapp in January 2016 from a friend Dr Karen Thames (Karen won the Grand Prize in the 2015 Challenge and she has Cushings Disease).  Sherry also has Cushings!  She lost 26.75 inches and 9 pounds during the 60 days and really transformed her body!

megaphone-clipart-png-megaphone-cutout-hiListen as Sherry talks about how helpful T-Tapp has been in her own healing!



NOTES:  Sherry started with the 15 minute workout called Basic Workout + and the book.  She then went on to using many of the different workouts like Senior Fit and Brain Body Fitness Floor.

  • Sherry did some thing T-Tapp almost every day.
  • T-Tapp took away ALL signs of her Type 2 Diabetes
  • She dry brushed using the T-Tapp system daily
  • Sherry also took the Premium Blend Alfalfa daily to help with fluid retention and it’s anti-inflammation benefits.
  • Sherry found the PG+ spray to really help her with energy and increased inch loss.
  • Her total inch loss from 1/15/2016 to end of Challenge was 47 inches!!!  How does she know?  Sherry keeps a detailed journal to keep track of her workouts and keep her on track!

sherry b

sherry a










Becky Wrenn -Becky has entered in 3 Challenges and won in ALL 3!!!  She has been a Grand Prize Winner in both the 2015 and 2016 60 Day Challenge in the Less to Lose under 50 category!


Listen to Becky share her best t-tapp tips for getting great results!



NOTES: Becky walked and did the elliptical before finding T-Tapp but found it really boring.  She never got the results she has gotten with T-Tapp.

  • Stay consistent.  Don’t get frustrated!
  • Believe in the process.  T-Tapp WORKS.  Just keep on doing it.
  • Lots of internal healing going on before you see it on the outside.
  • Becky is a very slow inch loser but just kept the faith and did it consistently.
  • She didn’t weigh or measure.
  • Becky has been taking Amino Sculpt since last retreat and it has really helped with muscle definition.
  • Becky started using a super food line of products she is really enjoying and getting benefits from (Contact Becky for more info on this product line)
  • She also started using the Royal  Maca that Mary Shoman recommended in our Challenge call.  

becky b

becky a










Christy Boggs – Christy won the 2016 60 Day Challenge in the More to Lose – Under 50 category!

Christy has only been doing the workout for about a year when she entered the Challenge and lost 14.5 inches over the 60 days!


Listen to Christy share her excitment about T-Tapp!


NOTES:  Christy had a great result right away with her first 14 day bootcamp by losing 12 inches.

  • T-Tapp works as long as she does it…consistently!
  • Doing the Challenge keeps her accountable.  Helps to maintain focus.
  • Did the Basic Workout + 3 – 4 times a week.  Added Step Away the Inches.  Then added Total Workout and split it into 3rds.
  • When she had some pain, she realized she could just do a few moves instead of not doing anything.  That helped so much!  i.e. small, moves make a big difference
  • T-Tapp REALLY helps keep her back out of pain.
  • Journaling helps keep her on track.
  • T-Tapp is DO-ABLE!  You can make time for this 15 minute workout
  • Renee and Tiffany’s online Video Form Intensive really helped get her form better so she could get the best results possible.

Click here to check out all of Christy’s pictures and read her whole essay!!!

chri b

chr a










Adrienne N – Adrienne won in the 2016 Challenge in the More to Lose – Over 50 category!

Adrienne found T-Tapp since 2000 but never really focused on doing it consistently!  She would do it when she thought she was getting sick or when she was recuperating from various conditions.  While it helped then, she didn’t keep up with it again until now.  She’s retired and made a decision to get healthier!

megaphone-clipart-png-megaphone-cutout-hi       Listen as Adrienne shares her T-Tapp challenge tips especially for woman over 60!




  • As you get older, you must MOVE to stay healthy.
  • Used Tempo Lower Body to help her with her hips
  • Lost 13.5 inches during the 60 days
  • T-Tapp is the sensible way to move your body.  Can really heal from the inside out!

Check out Adrienne’s “before and afters”!  Look at all the muscle re-balancing that she did in just 60 days!!!!

a a

a b